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Jayeblue Starter Set -NFT Music and Video Resource Complete Edition-
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Line up
1. "Who's Jayeblue?" The NFT Records special message video, total 6 (3 in Japanese, 3 in English)
2. Unreleased demo track of "I Can't Say Goodnight (feat. Samuel Kim)"- includes roccol's first voice notes, his improvised melody, his lyric inspiration, and basic instrument tracks of the song.
3. An autographed digital photograph of Jayeblue with an original message to you
4. New Songs
【New Single】「I can‘t say Goodnight (feat. Samuel Kim)」
【New Single】「Goodbye Me」
5. Singles
 【Single】「One Life」
 【Single】「I wanna love myself」
6. Music Videos
【MV】「One Life」
【MV】「I wanna love myself」
7. Live Videos
【Live Video】「One Life」
【Live Video】「Goodbye Me」
【Live Video】「ELIZA」
【Live Video】「I can’t say Goodnight(feat. Samuel Kim)」

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Jayeblue Vo.roccol

Born in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.
Worked in Osaka and Tokyo until 2017, then moved to LA and collaborated with various overseas artists.
Now acts as the vocalist of solo unit roccol.

Expresses melancholic lyrics by arranging reimported city-pop sound, Japanese and English.

Agent and Label : Chouette. Inc.,

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